Brain Party
Season 1, Episode 13
Vital statistics
Air date February 17, 2016
Written by Josh Pollitt
Directed by Team Orangutan
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House Leak The Game Master
Brain Party is the thirteenth episode of An Average Cartoon. It is a sequel to House Leak.

Summary Edit

The guys try to help out Alex after getting amnesia.

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Transcript Edit

Alex’s Grandma: Alex! Are you okay?

(Alex opens his eyes)

Alex: Who are you?

(the screen turns black)

(Alex is in Hospital)

Doctor: I’m afraid that you have amnesia.

Alex: My name is Nesia?

Doctor: No, your name is Alex.

(Kyle runs in)

Kyle: Alex! Are you okay?

Alex: Who are you?

Kyle: I’m Kyle Jones, your best friend? You know who I am, don’t you?

Alex: No.

Doctor: Hmm, this seems to be very severe. You’re gonna have to look in our Brain X-Rays.

Kyle: Wait, I am? 

Doctor: Yes! You are his best friend! It is your job to do this!

(Kyle goes on the brain X-Ray)

Kyle: Wow, only basic things like how to walk and talk are in his memory box. I’m gonna look at stored memories.

(he taps on “Stored Memories”)

Kyle: Games… Heh, I remember that time that we finished “The Dark Light Side”! 


Alex: Okay, dude! We’re already on Level 500! This is the final level! 

Kyle: We’re gonna beat it!

Alex: 3, 2, 1! 

(In-game lava pours onto the characters, the screen says “Game Over”)

Kyle: We’re not restarting this game!

Alex: I know what we can do!

(cut to Mike)

Mike: Hey guys!

Alex: Can you hack our game to make lava not a thing?

Mike: Sure!

(1 Hour Later)

Alex: Thanks man!

Kyle: Yeah, means a lot!

(Alex and Kyle are back at the City Hall, playing on the game)

Alex: Right, let’s do this!

Kyle: Wait, we still have to do 499 levels!

Alex: Do we?

(he turns on the game and they are on Level 500)

Kyle: Nice one, bro!

(A few minutes later)


(cut back to present day)

Kyle: Heh, good times. What else is in his Memory Box!

(he sees “Pets”)

Kyle: (gasps) Mulland. (he clicks on it) I remember him. (a tear strolls down his face)


(Daydream Believer by The Monkees plays)

Alex’s Mum: Which one do you want, Alex?

(Alex points at a labrador)

Alex’s Mum: Should we get him, then?

Alex: Yeah!

(in the car going home)

Alex’s Mum: So, what you gonna call him?

Alex: Tim, no, Jim, no, Mu-Mulland. 

Alex’s Mum: Okay, great!

(Alex hugs Mulland)

(17 Years Later)

Alex: Come on! Come on, Mulland! Let’s go for a walk! 

(Mulland smiles)

Alex: I love you, Mulland. Kyle Jones is my best friend, but you are my ultimate best friend!

(a mysterious voice comes from behind Alex)

Voice: I’m coming for you, Alex!

Alex: What the heck? 

(he starts to run, but trips)

(Mulland continues running, the music ends, and is replaced with Fix You by Coldplay, and the mysterious man jumps on Mulland)

(We see Alex’s face, then hear a gunshot sound, and a tear strolls down Alex’s eye)

(Kyle walks into Alex’s house)

Kyle: Hey bro. What’s up?

Alex: Please, not today.

Kyle: Why? What’s happened?

Alex: Mulland, he’s dead.

(a tear strolls down Kyle’s eye)

Kyle: Dang, dude. That’s pretty sad.

Alex: Last thing I said to him was that he’s my Ultimate Best Friend and I love him.

Kyle: Life sucks, man. Want to go out and get some Ice Cream?

Alex: Yeah, sure. 

(the two walk outside, the scene cuts back to the present day)

Kyle: I don’t even care if he doesn’t remember me, as long as Mulland’s back! Wait, what’s this? Revive button? (he presses it immediately)

Alex: I had a dog named Mulland once. 

Kyle: Oh, that just gave him the memory back. (he presses all memory buttons)

(music ends)

Alex: Hey Kyle!

Kyle: Hey Alex! Look, I think we need to bring Mulland back from the dead!

Alex: How?

Kyle: Remember when Jim revived Dylan last week?

Alex: Dungeon of the Dead?

Kyle: Dungeon of the Dead. I think we just need to wish really hard.

(Alex is teleported to the Dungeon of the Dead)

Emperor: Hello there.

Alex: I want my dog back.

Emperor: Ah, Mulland, isn’t it? Oh, he’s been dead for 3 years, there may be some differences.

Alex: I don’t care, I just want him back.

(Alex and Mulland teleport out of the Dungeon)

Kyle: That was fast! Agh! It’s a ghost dog!

Mulland: Hey guys!

Alex: You can talk!

Mulland: I guess so!

Alex: That’s even better!

(Alex smiles)

(The End)