House Leak
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date February 17, 2015
Written by Josh Pollitt
Directed by Unknown
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House Leak is the twelfth episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

Alex must help out his grandmother while stuck in her toilet.

Characters Edit

Transcript Edit

(Alex and Kyle are playing Video Games)

Alex: Dude, get that power up. 

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. I’ll get it.

(Alex’s phone starts ringing)

Alex: Oh, hold on. I need to get that. It’s my grandma.

Kyle: Okay, take your time.

(Alex moves into another room)

Alex’s Grandma: Alex! I need your help! I’ve gone on holiday to London, but when I went into the bathroom of the holiday home, I flushed the toilet but it leaked my house AND it pulled me in! Please get me out!

Alex: Yeah, I’ll be there. 

(he runs through the City Hall lounge)

Kyle: Hey! Where you going?

Alex: London!

(Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon plays)

(Alex runs to the airport)

(Alex gets in a plane)

(Alex flies off)

(Alex lands in London and gets off the plane)

(Music ends)

Alex: Okay, time to find out where my Grandma’s staying!

(he calls his Grandma)

Alex: Hey Grandma, where is the holiday home?

Alex’s Grandma: I-(cuts off)-Wes-(cuts off)-ter-cuts off)-Westminster! (her phone turns off)

Alex: Aw man. 

(Alex arrives at Westminster)

Alex: What? There’s like 60 different homes here! Wait, I know what to do!

(cut to the City Hall)

Dylan: Hey, Kyle. Have you seen Alex?

Kyle: Yeah, he went to London earlier.

Dylan: LONDON!? 

Kyle: Yeah, why?


Kyle: Why?

Dylan: Legend has it that London is filled with Werewolves and it’s NOT a place for outsiders.

Kyle: Pfft, you’re just quoting 70s music!

Dylan: No, it’s true! 

Kyle: What we gonna do then?

Dylan: We have to go to the Emergency Airstrip!

(Werewolves of London plays again)

(Dylan and Kyle get in a Police Cruiser)

(Dylan and Kyle drive to the Airport)

(Dylan and Kyle look outside)

(Music ends)

Dylan: How did Alex even get out of the country? I was about to pay him…

(they see that the emergency plane isn’t there)

Kyle: We only had one, right?

Dylan: Yep. And I think I know how he got there.

(camera zooms into a dog park, John is there)

(his phone rings)

John: Hello.

Alex: John! I need help!

John: What with.

Alex: My grandma’s stuck in her toilet at the holiday home in London, where I am right now, as she has a water problem, so I’m trying to help her but I don’t know which house it is, so I was wondering if you could use your detective skills?

John: Send me a picture.

Alex: Okay.

(Alex sends John a picture)

John: Multiple homes are empty, your grandma is home, so it’s not them, one house is on fire, she has a water problem so it’s not hers. Most other homes seem the same, as part from Number 7, the grass is darker, most probably had water on it. It’s Number 7.

Alex: Thanks John!

(he hangs up and runs to House No. 7)

Alex: Grandma! Grandma! How am I gonna get in?

(he kicks the door)

Alex: Aah, that hurt! Wait, did I even try the doorknob?

(Alex opens the door with the doorknob)

Alex: Oh.

Alex’s Grandma: Well, I guess this is it. Somehow, all the water from the toilet has gone. My phone’s dead, I have no way of talking to Alex…

Alex: Grandma! Grandma!

Alex’s Grandma: Alex! Help me!

(Alex pulls down the handle to open the bathroom door)

Alex: It’s locked!

(Alex runs off and finds a penny on the ground)

Alex: Mastered this back in High School.

(he puts the penny in the lock, but snaps it.

Alex: Shoot!

(he runs away)

Alex’s Grandma: Alex! Don’t abandon me!

(Alex comes back in with a chainsaw and starts chainsawing her door)

Alex’s Grandma: Agh! It’s a Psychopath!

(The door gets busted down, the water flows throughout the house)

Alex: Agh! (the water leaves the bathroom, spreads throughout the house and the house starts flying)

(Alex gets his grandma out of the toilet)

(Alex finds some plastic bags)

Alex: Quick, catch some air with these! We’ll have to use them as parachutes!

Alex’s Grandma: But what if it doesn’t work? I’m old! I might die!

Alex: You shouldn’t, we’ll be fine!

(Protectors of the Earth by Two Steps from Hell plays)

Alex: 3, 2, 1! Jump!

(Alex jumps out the window, his grandma follows)

Alex’s Grandma: Agh! Agh! Agh!

Alex: Use your ‘chute!

(they both use the plastic bags and they start using)

Alex’s Grandma: This is the greatest time of my life!

Alex: I know right!

(a bird suddenly flies through Alex’s bag)

Alex’s Grandma: ALEX!

Alex: Just land! I’ll be fine!

(Alex’s Grandma lands)

Alex: With… Precision…

(Alex crashes against the ground)

Alex’s Grandma: Alex! Are you okay?

(Alex opens his eyes)

Alex: Who are you?

(To Be Continued)

(The End)