Readdressed Problem
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date October 12, 2015
Written by Josh Pollitt
Brook O Roonie
Directed by Team Orangutan
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Readdressed Problem is the ninth episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

The guys look for Jim's Mom during a hurricane.

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Transcript Edit

Dylan: Okay, so does everybody know why I called you here, today?

Alex: No, it’s a Sunday.

Dylan: Well, there’s a huge hurricane coming into the city in 1 hour. 

Kyle: What? Why did you get us all here? This is the biggest place in the city!

Dylan: And the safest in a storm. The walls were made in Grütland.

Alex: Ugh, fine. 

Jim: Oh no. 

Dylan: Is there a problem, Jim?

Jim: My mom!

Alex: *coughs* Mum.

Jim: I’m American! Anyway, My mom is still somewhere in the city! Remember? 

(flashback to the end of ‘Stuck’)

Dylan: I KNEW IT WAS A BAD IDEA! Now the love of my-my-my cat’s life WILL BE DEAD!

Jim: We have to go find her.

(1 Hour Later)

(everybody comes back to the City Hall)

Jim: Any look?

Alex: No.

Dylan: NO! WE MUST FIND HER! THE STORM IS DUE IN ONE MIN-(a clap of thunder is heard)

(a hurricane can be seen destroying the city)


Dylan: NO!!!!!!! (he starts crying)

Alex: Maybe she’d still alive?

Jim: No. I think her time has truly come. 

(Down Under by Men at Work plays as we cut to a desert in Australia, Jim’s Mom is there)

Jim’s Mom: Yes! I love the open world!

(music plays for awhile as Jim’s mom enjoys herself in the desert, the hurricane is seen behind her)

John: I have an idea.

Mike: What is it, John?

John: We can check the Surveillance cameras to see if she’s alive.

(John turns on the Surveillance System)

Mike: Doesn’t look like we can find her.

Dylan: No! (sobs)

Alex: She could always be in the desert, right?

Jim: Maybe? But we’d have to send out helicopters.

Dylan: Then let’s do that.

(Dylan gets inside a helicopter, same with Alex, Kyle, Mike, Jim and John)

Dylan: I’m on Great Victoria!

Alex: Great Sandy!

Kyle: Tanami!

Mike: Simpson!

Jim: Gibson!

John: John will go to all other deserts!

(2 Hours Later)

Dylan: (through phone) Guys! I have a problem!

Alex: What is it?

Dylan: There’s a hurricane in Great Victoria Desert! 

Kyle: Crud, man!

Dylan: Wait, guys! I can see a figure!

(zooms into Jim’s mom flying away)

Dylan: I found he-(turns off phone) Heh-heh. They’ll believe anything. (the hurricane is seen behind him) Time to ask out Jim’s mom! (he jumps out)

Dylan: Heh, heh. Wait, where’s my parachute? (the helicopter crashes)

(Dylan falls on the ground and breaks his nose)

Dylan: AAGGHHH! MY NOSE!!!!!!!!!

(the hurricane passes) 

Dylan: Oh. Oh no. 

(cut to Jim at Gibson Desert)

Jim: Where is my mom? (the hurricane comes in view) Oh shoot! (he flies straight into the hurricane)

(cut to Alex at Great Sandy Desert)

Alex: I’m just flying into Little Sandy Desert! No sight of her in the great one!

(he sees the hurricane)

Alex: Oh, great! I can see the hurricane!

(the hurricane speeds up towards Alex, who gets sucked in)

John: I was just in that desert. (he senses the hurricane behind him) John has bad feeling about this… (he gets sucked into the hurricane)

Kyle: This is it. I’m next. I can’t deal with this. (he jumps out, but the hurricane sucks him up)

Jim: Hey. Any sight of Dylan or Mike yet?

John: I doubt that Mike will be found. He’s in Simpson Desert which is too far away. 

(Jim’s Mom is right behind the hurricane, but is then sucked into it)


Jim’s Mom: Jimmy, we’re in Australia, you gotta call me mum!

(the hurricane ends)

Alex: We’re glad you’re okay, Jim’s mum!

Jim’s Mom: That’s Edna, to you.

Alex: Oh, we’re glad you’re okay, Edna!

Edna: Where’s that Orangutan or Dylan?

Kyle: Meh, they’ll be here tomorrow. 

(cut to the next day)

Dylan: Okay, guys. Did we all have a nice weekend?

Mike: We were looking for Jim’s mom all weekend.

Dylan: Oh yeah. Did you guys find her?

Jim: Yes, and you’re supposed to call her Edna. 

Dylan: Okay. 

Alex: Oh, Jim. Edna’s still getting sunlight now, isn’t she?

Jim: Yeah. She chills out on the balcony everyday from 11pm-4pm. 

Dylan: Okay, well we’ve got a huge crime that needs to be picked up on today! The FBI have been spying on a team who are planning to rob a huge bank, they’re planning on doing it today. So I need you guys to go and arrest them quickly. 

Alex: Which guys?

Dylan: You guys.

Kyle: We’ll do it right away!

(Alex and Kyle walk off)

Alex: Hey, once we’re done arresting these guys, should we tell Dylan that Edna knew his name but not Mike’s?

Kyle: No, keep it a surprise.

Alex: Okay.

(the screen goes into the sky, the day turns into night)

(Down Under by Men at Work plays again)

Alex: (knocks on door) This is the police! Let us in right now!

Voice: Take this, you stupid cop! 

(the window smashes as a bullet is shot through it)

Alex: Run, run! 

(Kyle shoots at the house)

(the house explodes as the two walk away from it wearing sunglasses)

Alex: Hey, do you think an aborigine was swarming around in one of those deserts? 

Kyle: A better question, do you think that there’s aboriginal art of us on a rock somewhere?

Alex: Heh, I doubt it. 

(music plays as aboriginal art of Alex, Kyle and the rest of the gang are running from aboriginal art of kangaroos, the screen then shows the actual gang running from kangaroos)

(The End)

Trivia Edit

  • Another Real-Life Song plays in the episode, which is Down Under by Men at Work.