Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date August 3rd, 2015
Written by JoPo
Directed by JoPo
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Stuck is the third episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

Jim wants everybody's help to get his mom out of his house.

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(Alex’s phone rings, so he answers)

Alex: Hello?

(cut to Jim, he is on the other side of the phone)

Jim: Hey, it’s Jim. The guy you met at Wrestling, remember?

Alex: Oh yeah!

Jim: Well, I need some help…

Alex: Okay, what with?

Jim: With my mom.

(cut to Alex and Kyle at Jim’s house)

(they knock on the door and Jim answers)

Jim: Hey guys! (he shuts the door)

Kyle: So what’s the trouble, Jim?

Jim: (sighs) As of today, my mom hasn’t been out of my house for 2 years in a row, I need her to get out and about again. You guys think you can help?

Alex: Uh… 

Kyle: Maybe not by ourselves, but with some extra help, yeah! (he gets out his phone)

(5 Minutes Later, Dylan, Mike and John are now there)

Jim: Hey guys, so I need your help, my mom needs to get out of my house! Any suggestions? 

(Dylan raises his hand)

Jim: Yes, what is it?

Dylan: Do I get money for this?

Jim: No.

Dylan: Wait, wait, wait, NO MONEY? I’m out. (he walks away)

Jim: Uh, I mean-yeah! You get $10 each if you do this!

Alex: So, where is your mom?

Jim: Inside, watching TV.

Mike: Can we see her?

(cut to the lounge door)

Jim: Right guys, she’s in here. (he opens the door, she has a newspaper in front of her face)

Jim's mom

Alex: Hey there, Jim’s mom!

(the newspaper is lowered and the screen shows a really dehydrated, old, scary face)

Alex, Kyle, Mike, John: Aaaah!

Jim: Hey, that’s my mom!

Dylan: You know, I don’t know why they are laughing, she is one good lucking woman!

Jim: Thanks? Now come on, guys! She looks like that because of the lack of nice weather! So like I said earlier, does anyone have any suggestions?

Dylan: You could organize a hot date for me and her.

Jim: She’s my mom.

Dylan: So.

Jim: So she’s not single. 

John: I’ve got an idea!

(he goes into the lounge and bites the remote)


John: Oh… (he walks into the room outside the lounge)

Remote into TV

Mike: Don’t worry guys, I’ve got a better idea. 

(he goes into the lounge, takes the bitten remote and throws it at the TV and it smashes)


Mike: But I’m his owner!

(Mike goes into the room outside the lounge)

Jim: Alex and Kyle, do you guys have any ideas?

Alex: Uhh, how about we come back tomorrow? We’ll come up with some ideas tonight.

Kyle: Yeah!

Jim: (sighs) Okay guys. But you better be here tomorrow!

High on Soda

(cut to night at Kyle’s room)

(they both drink some soda and their eyes widen)

(music plays for 30 seconds as they both write down a load of ideas)

(cut to the next day at Jim’s house)

Jim: Right then, so you guys came up with good ideas last night?

Alex: Yeah. Check these out.

(Jim takes the piece of paper and reads it out loud)

Jim: Bring Tow-Truck, move TV outside, kill he-KILL HER? WHAT WERE YOU GUYS THINKING?

Kyle: Wait, we wrote that?

Alex: Whoa dude! I think we had too much soda last night. 

Jim: You think?!

Alex: You know, i just came up with a much better idea…

Jim: What?

Alex: What does your mom hate the most?

Jim: Video games!

Alex: Wait just a few minutes. (he walks backwards, bangs into a wall, then walks out of the door)

Jim: Wait, what?

Z Machine on TV Screen

(Alex suddenly comes into the house holding a Z Machine)

(he plugs it in)

(Jim’s mom pulls her newspaper down to reveal an angry face, she stares at Alex and starts to run after him)

(suddenly, Jim’s mom remembers a history of her enjoying the nice weather, showing flashbacks from her past, her face is now normal and she starts to float to the core of the city)

It's glorious!

Jim: (he has a tear in his eye, he wipes it) It’s glorious!

Dylan: What! She’s ugly now, thanks to you guys! NOW WHERE’S MY MONEY!?

(The End)