The Game Master
Season 1, Episode 14
Vital statistics
Air date February 19, 2016
Written by Josh Pollitt
Team Orangutan
Geraint Leicester
Directed by Team Orangutan
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Brain Party 1985: The Battle of Midday (Season Two)
The Game Master is the fourteenth and final episode of Season One of 'An Average Cartoon'.

Summary Edit

Alex and Kyle enter a video game tournament, only to discover a lot of things.

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Transcript Edit

Alex: (sighs)

Kyle: What’s wrong, dude?

Alex: Well, all I can feel is a huge streak of unluck.

Kyle: Why?

Alex: Well, we ended up exploding our Z-Machine.

Kyle: But we got a new one.

Alex: Which we dropped.

Kyle: So we took Dylan’s money when we went Wrestling, then after that, we took some more and bought a new one.

Alex: Wrestling, exactly, we somehow turned into a weird hybrid.

Kyle: And didn’t die.

Alex: But we did die when Gerald Baluna shot us.

Kyle: No we didn’t, we slept.

Alex: Anyway, what about my two concussions that I’ve had within the last year? The lightbulb and the fall.

Kyle: You survived them.

Alex: And what about the Grütish attack? When I got that new job?

Kyle: Okay, maybe that was unlucky. But think about everything else, you got your dog back!

Alex: But that’s like the only highlight of them all!

Kyle: I don’t know. I wouldn’t consider us to be unlucky.

(Kyle gets a notification on his phone)

Kyle: Ugh, another spam email! Wait, this has games in the title!

Alex: Pass the phone!

(Alex takes the phone and reads the email)

Alex: You are receiving this email to confirm that you and a friend are invited to “The Game Master: Video Game Tournament” on February 21st, 2016.

Kyle: We’re going!

Alex: We’re going!

(cut to the tournament)

Announcer: Alright, everybody! Get ready for the Ultimate Video Game Tournament of all time! I present, “The Game Master”!

The Game Master: Hello.

Alex: Wait, what?

Kyle: What’s wrong, Alex?

Alex: That’s the same voice! That’s the guy who made us get that new Z-Machine!

Kyle: Are you kidding me?

The Game Master: Alex. Kyle. You two are first.

(Alex and Kyle slowly approach the arcade machine, they press the “On” button then teleport to Alex’s 8-Bit Room from “The Gaming Within”)

The Game Master: Alex, there was a reason why I took you to get that Z-Machine, crazy things will happen the most to people I hate. If I hate you, you come here.

Alex: Wait, what?

The Game Master: This whole time, all these crazy things, it has been my fault!

Kyle: What?

The Game Master: So I’ve decided to put you out of your misery, by killing you.

Kyle: Dude! You can’t do that!

(Alex gets shot by a laser, and disintegrates)

The Game Master: What are you doing here, you stupid pig?

Kyle: I’m trying to help my best friend! Why are you doing this? Why do you hate Alex?

The Game Master: I’m Grütish.

Kyle: Okay! Why do Grütish people hate us so much?

The Game Master: 1985! The Battle of Midday! This was going to be a thing! Until you and you best friend screwed it up for us in Italy!

Kyle: What are you talking about? We’ve never been to Italy in our lives!

The Game Master: You would be, but now that we’ve changed time and killed your dingo friend, we’re able to start the war! 

Kyle: You can’t do this!

The Game Master: This is what you get for abandoning Grütland! That stupid Emperor in the Dungeon of the Dead wants our planet destroyed!

Kyle: Look, me and my friends will be able to help you! We know the Emperor! We can sort something out! Me, Jim, Edna, Mike, John, Mulland and Dylan!

The Game Master: (laughs) HIs name is Thomas.

Kyle: How do you know that?

The Game Master: They call me The Game Master for a reason. It’s got nothing to do with Video Games! Everybody says “Life isn’t just one big game!” Well, guess what. It is. Controlled by me. AND I DECIDE WHO DIES, I DECIDE WHO LIVES! I. AM. GOD! Oh, and about Thomas Dylan Grutling, there’s a reason for why his surname sounds some much like “Grütland”.

Kyle: Why?

The Game Master: Think.

Kyle: Oh no.

The Game Master: Yes! THOMAS. IS. GRÜTISH! You know who else is Grütish?

Kyle: Let me guess, John! Mike’s dog! We know, but he’s only part-Grütish!

The Game Master: Anyway, now that we’ve had a nice chat, I’m going to kill you!

(he fires a laser at Kyle, who dodges and runs)

(Kyle finds Dylan, he punches him in the face)


Kyle: You’re Grütish!

Dylan: What!? How do you know?

Kyle: The Game Master!

Dylan: It’s true, but trust me, I’m on your side! I know how we can stop this!

Kyle: How?

Dylan: You need to create a weapon and kill The Game Master!

Kyle: What would I need?

Dylan: Look, I don’t know if you want to do this. You’ll forget everything about Alex, vice versa. 

Kyle: Ugh! JUST TELL ME! He’s dead anyway!

Dylan: Okay! I lied! You’re stuck! You’d need Alex, you’ve been able to morph into a weird hybrid in the past! That would be the only way to kill him!

(The Game Master comes in)

The Game Master: Mr. Grutling, did you lie to him?

Dylan: Yeah, he thinks he needs that stupid friend, Alex, to kill you.


Dylan: Oh.

(Kyle enters the Dungeon of the Dead)

The Emperor: Kyle! What are you doing here?


The Emperor: He’s in Room 639! 


(The Emperor gives him a map)

Kyle: Room 639… Room 639… Oh, Room 637, Room 638, Room six-hundred-thirty-ni-wait, what? Room 640!? Where’s Room 639!?

(The Game Master appears)

The Game Master: You didn’t think I’d let you get away with this so easily, did you?

(The Emperor comes up)


(The Emperor punches The Game Master, but it reflects and ends up punching himself instead)

Kyle: It doesn’t matter anyway! I think I’ve figured out how to bring him back! (he throws his fist in the air)

The Game Master: What’s happening?

Kyle: Back when we were 15, me and Alex bought some micro-magnets to put on our wrists, extremely strong, our wrists will collide, bringing Alex here, in our hybrid form! 

(the wrist travels to Grütland, Alex is there, held prisoner, he is being attached to the wrist and is taken back to Earth)

Grütish Guard: We got a runner! 

(everybody starts shooting at him, but he comes back to earth, Kyle’s wrist attaches to his body, the two morph into their hybrid form)

The Game Master: No! You can’t do this!

Alex/Kyle: I’m sorry. But this is what you deserve. 

The Game Master: NO! NO!!!

(The Game Master teleports away)

(Alex and Kyle deform)

Alex: What just happened?

Kyle: I don’t know.

The Emperor: Quick, get all of your friends! The Battle of Midday has started! You need to travel back to 1985 and stop him! It’s the only way to save the world! 

(Alex and Kyle stare at each other and nod, then they run, the screen turns black)

(To Be Continued in Season Two)

(The End)