The Gaming Within
The Gaming Within
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date July 20th, 2015
Written by JoPo
Directed by JoPo
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The Gaming Within is the first episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

Alex and Kyle find a magical code for their gaming console.

Characters Edit

  • Alex
  • Kyle
  • Game Master (voice only)
  • Victims
  • Bear (antagonist)
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Transcript Edit

4 Years Ago

Alex: Here we go, bro! The Z-Machine! 

Kyle: Dude, I’ve been waiting 2 years for this to be released!

Alex: Then let’s open it!

(Alex and Kyle open the box and see the Z-Machine)

Kyle: Dude.

Alex: This.

Kyle: Is.

Alex: Awesome!

Kyle: I know right! Have you seen these two games that come with it?

Alex: “Super Jack Bros Z?” Dude! I played the original Super Jack Bros years back! Good game.

Let's play SJB first

Kyle: What’s this game, though? It has some weird Japanese writing on it?

(the box says 開いていません)

Alex: Guess we should finish Super Jack Bros first?

Kyle: Alright.

4 Years Later

Alex: Come on, bro! We just need to defeat level 463! 

Kyle: Why? What happens?

Alex: We defeat the Spikesman and save the princess!

Kyle: Dude, is that him?

Alex: Yeah! That’s him! This is what we’ve been waiting 4 years for!

(the screen says “Pick Up the Pistol”, they do so and the Spikesman surrenders, giving them the Princess)

Alex: Haha! Spikesman’s such a wuss!

Kyle: Yeah he is!

(they high five)

Alex: I guess this means that now we can play that other game?

Kyle: Yeah!

(they open it up and it says “誰がこのコードを入力した場合、あなたの人生の残りのために不運を持って、これを開くあえて:42699”

Alex: Dude, it’s an access code!

(they press the buttons 42699 on the controller’s gamepad and their Z Machine explodes)

Kyle: Well, that was a waste of $500.

(cuts to night, Alex is asleep, suddenly, his room turns into a small empty 8-bit room, he wakes up)

Alex: Huh? What? What’s going on?

(he hears a deep voice)

Voice: Are you blind? The other box said DO NOT OPEN! If you typed in the code, your Z Machine breaks)

Alex: Oh, well why I am in here?

Voice: We’ve got a new Z Machine at the top of an obstacle course, you must go to it or you will die!

Alex in his 8 Bit Room

Alex: How will I die?

Voice: I mean in the Obstacle Course!

Alex: Do I have to?

Voice: Well, if you open the door, you’ll go into the Obstacle Course! Oh and you can’t do it alone, bring a buddy.

Alex: Alright, I’ll call Ky-

Voice: No need, I will teleport him here myself!

(Kyle appears)

Kyle: What the?

Alex: Welcome to the gaming obstacle course, we have to do it or we die.

Victim being hit by hat

(Alex opens the door, a giant bear is at the top, throwing down hats, he hits a random guy doing the obstacle course and he dies)

Kyle: Dude are you sure this is safe?

Alex: No. 

Kyle: Hey, what’s this?

(picks up an apple)

Alex: That’s an apple, bro. We need to eat it to restore our health, so keep it for when we need it! 

(he grabs onto a ladder)

Kyle: Whoa! Can you climb it?

Lava zoom in

Alex: Yep. (he climbs to the next floor and helps Kyle up)

Kyle: Aw Man, lava?

(the camera zooms into lava)

Alex: How are we gonna get through this?

Kyle: Wait, can we pick these-(he unplugs the ladder that they climbed up)-Dude!

(they place it over the lava and walk across)

(Alex and Kyle climb up a new ladder, but a spike gets fired at Alex and his health goes from 100 to 10)

Alex: Aah! (jumps down to the second floor) Dude! There’s spikes up there! I’m not gonna make it!

Kyle: Not now, dude! Take this apple, I’ll take this hammer!

(Alex bites the apple, it disappears and his health goes back to 100.

Alex: Let’s do this. Also, you can pick up pretty much anything in this game!

(Kyle picks up the hammer, jumps up the ladder and throws it towards a spike machine, it gets destroyed)

(music plays as Alex and Kyle go through the obstacle course, destroying, moving over and picking up things…)

Alex: Dude! We’re at the second to last floor! We just need to get to the top floor and we’ve won the Z Machine back!

(the bear throws a hat down, but Alex dodges it)

Kyle: What’s that?

(he picks up a reflector)

Alex: Dude! Get to the top floor and when he throws a hat at you, reflect it! 

Kyle: What’ll that do?

Alex: It’ll hit him instead of you!

Kyle: Oh, okay! I knew that!

(Air on the G String plays as Kyle runs through the hat throwing, he jumps up and points the reflector at the bear, a hat goes towards his crotch, a punching sound is heard, the music ends as the bear faints)

Alex: Yeah, we did it!

Kyle: Great! Now let’s get this Z Machine! (he picks it up)

Alex: So what games are we gonna get?

Kyle: Well, Super Jack Bros Z II just came ou-(he drops the Z Machine)

Alex: Reset Game! 

(a screen says GAME OVER and the episode ends)


Trivia Edit

  • The episode features various video game references, the Z Machine is a reference to the Xbox, Super Jack Bros is a reference to Super Mario Bros and the obstacle course is very similar to Donkey Kong. Bear=Donkey Kong, he throws hats instead of barrels.