Trick or Treat
Season 1, Episode 10
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Air date October 26, 2015
Written by Josh Pollitt
Directed by Team Orangutan
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Trick or Treat is the tenth episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

Alex and Kyle go out on Halloween, but there is a killer on the loose.

Characters Edit

Transcript Edit

Alex: Dude! It's Halloween!

Kyle: Already? It was like 2 days ago, though!

Alex: Dude, I told you. You gotta stop dreaming about the haunted pumpkins!

Kyle: Shut up!

Alex: Anyway, it's Halloween tonight, which means I have a load of things for us to do!

Kyle: Okay, go ahead!

Alex: We've got the scary story contest, Horror Film marathon and then finally, T-t-t-todgeball!

Kyle: Todgeball!

(Dylan walks in)


Alex: Haha! I made the name confusing for that reason! Todgeball's a game that I made!

Kyle: It's awesome.

Alex: Anyway, after that, we have time for some trick-or-treating!

Kyle: Um, don’t you think we’re too old for that?

Alex: Dude, I think you’re right. 

Dylan: Now, hold on. Trick or Treating is basically begging for candy! You are BEGGING! And I am BEGGING YOU to go and take me!

Alex: Um. Sure, dude!

(2 Hours Later)

Dylan: And then it turned out… THAT THE MAN WAS EATING HIMSELF!

Alex: Uhh.

Kyle: Okay, that’s enough scary stories, we can decide who was the best tomorrow. 

Alex: Movie Time! Yes!

Dylan: Do we have time? 

(the clock shows that it’s 20:00)

Alex: Let’s have a quick game of Todgeball.

(cut to a few minutes later)

Alex: So, you’ve got it?

Dylan: But that’s basically do-

Alex: 3, 2, 1! Go!

(Dylan bounces the ball on the ground)

Alex: (blows whistle) Out! It touched the ground!

Dylan: This makes no sense!

Alex: Okay, guys! Time for Trick-or-Treating!

(Beethoven’s Fifth plays)

(Alex is dressed as a Space Warrior, Kyle as a faceless guy and Dylan is naked)

Alex: Dude! You can’t go around like that!

Kyle: Yeah, it’s creepy!

Dylan: Exactly!

Kyle: No, dude. You have to wear this. (he gives him a skeleton costume)

Dylan: Ugh, fine. (he puts it on)

(Overture Op. 49 plays as the guys go trick-or-treating)

Dylan: Man! This might be the best night of my life!

Alex: That’s cool.

Kyle: What should we do now?

(A voice is heard in the distance)

Voice: Nothing!

Alex: Huh? How could he hear us?

Voice: Come here for some candy.

Dylan: Let’s go!

Alex: No, dude! It’s probably a trap.

Voice: That’s it! I’m coming to you! 

(a chainsaw is heard)

Kyle: Oh my gosh!

(everybody runs)

Alex: Why did you make us do this, man?

Dylan: Because I’ve never done this before!

(Alex bumps into Mike)

Alex: Mike! What are you doing here?

Mike: Walking John.

Alex: Well, run!

(he sees the man)

Mike: Agh!

(they all run but Mike stays)

Mike: I’m telling you right now to stop!

(they all see a shadow of Mike’s head being taken off with the chainsaw)

Kyle: (puts his hand by his mouth to stop himself from vomiting) That’s disgusting!

Man: You’re next!

Alex: Crud! Get lost, man!

(Kyle runs into Jim)

Jim: Guys! What are you doing?

Dylan: How’s Edna!?

Alex: No time! Just run!

Jim: What’s going on here, guys?

Alex: That guy is trying to chop us up!

Jim: Well, why are you running? You’re cops!

Alex: Oh, yeah!

Kyle: To the City Hall!

Man: Where you going, morons?

Alex: Just leave us alone, okay!?

Man: Aw, you going to the city hall to arrest me? I’ll just saw it in half!

Alex: No! 

(the guys run into the city hall)

(the man starts sawing the city hall)


Kyle: Dude! He’s cutting the city hall!

Alex: Ugh! There’s only one left! All the others crashed when we were looking for Edna!

(the ground falls)

Kyle: He just cut it!

(The man starts knocking on the door to the roof as scary music plays)

(creepy breathing is heard)

Alex: Dude! Stay away from us!

Man: Heh-heh-heh!

Kyle: Dude! Please! (he cries) I wanna go home!

Dylan: Come on! Give it up! 

(The man breaks Dylan’s neck)

Alex: Dylan!

Kyle: Hide!

(Alex and Kyle hide in the chopper)

Man: Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come on! Open the door! I said OPEN THE DOOR! I’m gonna get you! (he knocks down the door)

Alex: Dude, I’m telling you! Just go away!

Kyle: Where’s Jim?

(they see the man throw Jim off of the building)

Alex: It’s Halloween, man! If you want free candy, we’ll give it to you!

Kyle: You want free candy? 

Man: Candy is for babies! Just like YOU!

Kyle: Come on! We’re in a helicopter! Just fly!

Alex: Okay! But you’re hanging on!

Kyle: Fine!

(the chopper flies away)

Alex: Dude! What’s that guy’s deal?

Kyle: I don’t know! 

(they hear a banging on the helicopter)

(fast music plays)

Alex: Agh! He’s on the back! Try to shoot him!

Kyle: I’ll try! (he pulls out a gun but it drops) Agh! 

Alex: Dude! We’re gonna die!

Man: Oh, it’s gonna be so easy to kill you! (he pulls off the propellors) 


Alex: Then we’re gonna have to jump! 

(they jump)

Kyle: Wait, do you have a parachute? Because I don’t!

Alex: Oh shoot. I forgot.

Kyle: Dude, look! A pool!

Alex: We need to land in that pool! Get onto your back! You’ll survive!

(they fall into the pool)

Alex: We did it! Yes!

Kyle: The killer couldn’t have survived that helicopter crash!

(the helicopter crashes right next to them and the man is seen walking out)

Alex: Are you kidding me!?

Kyle: We’re gonna die!

Man: Yes! Yes, you are!

Kyle: Let’s get out of here!

Alex: Wait, do you hear that?

Kyle: Hear what?

Alex: Zombies?

(zombies can be heard)

Man: Wait, what? Is that true?

Alex: Uhh, yeah. Can’t you hear them?

Man: Aw man! I can! Hey, you guys wanna be frie-(he gets dragged away by a zombie)

Alex: Oh man! 

(heavy metal plays)

Kyle: It’s not the murderer to worry about now! It’s this apocalypse!

Alex: Dude! We gotta run! And just deal with the fact that we’re gonna die!

Kyle: NO! We’re not! Just run!

(they run)

Alex: Dude! Is it just me or are these zombies completely different to how we would normally imagine them?

Kyle: Obviously, man! I knew we should have done a scary movie marathon!

(a zombie pounces on Alex)

Kyle: ALEX!!!!

Alex: No time! Just run!

(the zombie bites Alex)

Alex: Agh-huh? That felt like a normal bite.

Zombie: Ugh, no. That felt like a really bad zombie bite.

(the murderer jumps out of nowhere and punches the zombie in the face)

Man: You were not supposed to screw up this prank! (he punches the zombie in the face again)

Alex: Huh? Prank?

(the man takes off his balaclava and is revealed to be Steve Edwards, Alex’s cousin)

Steve: Yep! Me, Mike, John, Dylan, Jim and all these guys decided to prank you losers!

Alex: I thought the prank wars were over!

Steve: Heh, yeah. Did you really think that after you pranked me that you would get away with it? I saw the video, ONLINE.

Alex: What? I may have pranked you, but I didn’t do anything!

(Mike, John, Dylan and Jim come out of a bush)

Mike: Yeah, that was me!

Steve: Oh, well. Anyway, WE GOT YOU GOOD!

Alex: Yeah. Well how did you get everyone to die like this?

Mike: John jumped up my body while you guys were running, I hid my face in my shirt while John jumped out!

John: I liked the idea. A lot. 

Dylan: I just have a flexible neck. (he starts flexing his neck)

Jim: And I just jumped down! But now I think I need to go to the hospital!

Alex: Heh, well you guys have all really screwed up! Because you’re gonna need Health Insurance when I get you all back! (zooms out but the guys are still visible) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha! HA! 

(The End)