Unqualified Wrestlers
Unqualified Wrestlers
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date July 20th, 2015
Written by JoPo
Directed by JoPo
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Unqualified Wrestlers is the second episode of the first season of An Average Cartoon.

Summary Edit

Alex and Kyle have to wrestle some pro-wrestlers.

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Transcript Edit

(Alex and Kyle are flicking through channels, they come across a channel that interests them)

Do You Want to be on TV


Alex: Yes!

Kyle: Yes!

Announcer: Then come to the Australian Wrestling Championships 2015 and you might have a background appearance on TV!

Alex: Dude, we could be on TV!

Kyle: Wait, how much are tickets!

Announcer: Tickets are $500 per person! So come before they all sell out!

Kyle: Dude, we’ve gotta go!

(Dylan enters the room)

Dylan: Hold on, hold on, hold on. (he coughs) WHERE DO YOU WANNA GO!? 

Alex: To a wrestling match. Speaking of which, do you know a good way to get $1,000?

Dylan: You could beg.

Kyle: Um, are you sure?

Dylan: OBVIOUSLY! I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and I’ve earned up to one million dollars!

Alex: Why do you still beg? You’re rich!

Dylan: Well, I’m afraid that I’ll buy something that’s too much-(he sheds a tear)-and IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You Can't Use My Money

Kyle: Can you give us some of your money?

Dylan: GET YOUR OWN DARN MONEY! (he walks away)

Alex: Dude, we’ve gotta get his money.

(music plays as Alex and Kyle walk up to Dylan, point downstairs and start screaming, which the music has faded out, Dylan runs and Alex takes $500 from his money stash and Kyle takes another $500, Dylan suddenly walks in, the music continues playing)

Dylan: Hey! Give that back! 

(Alex and Kyle jump out the window and the music stops, and sad music plays)

Dylan: NO! YOU IDIOTS! YOU JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW! (he bursts into tears) THAT’S 1K RUINED!

Hanging off the windowcill

(the camera cuts to outside, Alex and Kyle are holding onto the window-frame, the music ends)

Alex: Dude, hold on! (Kyle jumps on Alex’s back and Alex jumps down)

(they both high-five)

(cut to wrestling)

Kyle: Look! Here’s our seats!

(they sit down)

(an announcer comes in)

Announcer: Are you guys ready to get blinded by the awesome things in wrestling?

(the audience yells “Yes”)

Announcer: With us today! We’ve got-

(a crashing noise is heard in the background)

Random Guy: Somebody call an ambulance! 

(a random man runs into the stadium)

Random Guy: Everyone! The Thunderbolt and Toxic Killer just died!

Announcer: Well! The show must continue! Forget about them, anyway! We are gonna shoot you all!

Alex: Wait, what?

Announcer: With token guns! We’ll shoot each and everyone of you and then, we we draw the raffle and whoever the two people with the chosen tokens are, have to wrestle each other! Got it?

Kyle: Oh, that sounds cool. As long as it’s not either of us!

(Alex and Kyle get shot)

Alex: Dude, I’m 4269!

Kyle: Cool, I’m 4568!

Announcer: And the two people who will wrestle each other are the holders of tokens 4269 and 4568!

Alex & Kyle: Wait, what? 

Alex: But we’re best friends! We can’t do that!

Announcer: Okay then, if you won’t do it, then it’s you and your friend vs. Me and my assistant!

Alex: Um, okay.

Announcer: I am DAVE SKYLER!

Assistant: And I am BEN!

Alex: Just Ben?

Ben: Just Ben.

Dave: So could somebody come down and be ref?

(a guy puts his hand up)

Referee: 3, 2, 1!

(“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me Plays”, the match has begun, Dave punches Alex)

Alex: Aah!

(Ben punches Kyle)

Kyle: Hey, that hurt!

Ben: Deal with it!

(Ben jumps onto the side of the ring and jumps on Alex)

(the ref walks up to them and starts counting)

Referee: 1, 2, 3, 4-

(Alex pushes Ben forward)

(Alex runs to Kyle)

Alex: Dude, we’ve got to try! Let’s give it all we got!

(Kyle punches Ben in the face)

(Alex punches Dave in the face)

Referee: 2 Minutes Left!

Kyle: Let’s end this!

Mega Weird Anime-ish Alex Kyle Robot

(Alex and Kyle bro-fist and turn into a dingo crossed with a pig giant monster and they both fly up into the air and slam down into the stadium, the screen turns white)

(the whiteness disappears, the referee coughs and notices that Alex and Kyle are both on Ben and Dave)

Referee: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6-

Dave: This is gonna be my first lost match!

Referee: 7, 8-

Ben: Me too! (he passes out)

Referee: 9, 10! Alex and Kyle are the winners!

Dave: Guys, he’s not breathing!

Alex: Aw Yeah! 

Kyle: We won!

Dave: Guys!

Jim in front of a "realistic" audience

Referee: Shut up, loser! Alex and Kyle your prize is my friendship, I’m Jim.

(Alex and Kyle smile)

Alex: Nice to meet you, Jim! Good to have more friends!

Jim: So do you want all three of us to hang out right now?

Alex: Not now, my arms are killing me.

Dave: Guys!

(The End)