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  • I live in the United Kingdom
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is College Student, also have an apprenticeship as an accountant
  • I am a male. Also an admin on the wiki (that's if this is the RS Wiki you're looking at)
  • JoPo

    An Average Cartoon will finally return after a 3-month-hiatus this month! We will get First Kiss, a valentine's day special, on February 8. From February 15 - 19, we will be getting 'An Average Bomb', showing 5 new episodes, finishing Season 1 and starting Season 2! 

    Season 2 will continue later in the year.

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  • JoPo

    Season 2!

    August 4, 2015 by JoPo

    Hey there everyone! Josh Pollitt here, or @unrealraccoon or whatever you know me as! JoPo? Yeah. 

    So, the ratings for the first four episodes have been very good! 

    Episode Name Organisation #1 Review (percentage) Organisation #2 Review (fraction)

    Organisation #3 Review (decimal)

    The Gaming Within 100% 10/10 1.00

    Unqualified Wrestlers

    100% 10/10 .9
    Stuck 100% 10/10 .85
    Not Just a Sandwich 100% 10/10 1.00

    The rules are, if Organisation #1 has at least 300% all together, that means we have one point to getting a new season!

    At least 28/40 all together with Organisation #2 is another point.

    And at least 3.5 with Organisation #3 is the final point, meaning AAC gets another season!

    All together, the results are:

    Organisation #1: 400%

    Organisation #2: 40/40


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