Hey there everyone! Josh Pollitt here, or @unrealraccoon or whatever you know me as! JoPo? Yeah. 

So, the ratings for the first four episodes have been very good! 

Episode Name Organisation #1 Review (percentage) Organisation #2 Review (fraction)

Organisation #3 Review (decimal)

The Gaming Within 100% 10/10 1.00

Unqualified Wrestlers

100% 10/10 .9
Stuck 100% 10/10 .85
Not Just a Sandwich 100% 10/10 1.00

The rules are, if Organisation #1 has at least 300% all together, that means we have one point to getting a new season!

At least 28/40 all together with Organisation #2 is another point.

And at least 3.5 with Organisation #3 is the final point, meaning AAC gets another season!

All together, the results are:

Organisation #1: 400%

Organisation #2: 40/40

Organisation #3: 3.75

Meaning that AAC has been renewed for a second season!

Here's what to come for the rest of Season 1!

We've met a member of Jim's family. But next week, we're gonna meet a member of Alex's family.

Speaking of family, Jim's mom will be back!

A new main character will join the show!

A whole week of new episodes every day from August 31-September 4!

There will be more, but that's the most exciting of it all. 

Here's what we have planned for Season 2!

Another new character!

An episode with time travel!

A Halloween special!

An episode called "Cookies"

New "An Average Cartoon" every Monday!